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Updated 24th April 2014
Reeves Canine & Equine LLP

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British Manufacturers Of Kennels, Galvanised Runs, Specialist Animal Housing & Garden Studios of Outstanding Quality

Run Section Sale

kennels and galvanised kennel runsmobile and static field shelters

Catteries and Kennelsboarding kennels

Security Kennel Rangereeves zoological and wildlife enclosures

Garden Studiosgarden workshop

Kennels and runs, Galvanised Runs, Specialist Animal Enclosures and Garden Studios

Our dog kennels, dog run systems, animal housing and studios are built using only premium quality materials, by our own craftsmen.

Standard and Bespoke Kennels and Galvanised Runs Are Illustrated On The Individual Kennel Range Pages

We hold standard kennel ranges in stock and can manufacture to your specifications.

Standard Specifications For Dog Kennels and Runs:

  • Prepared and pressure treated highest quality shiplap cladding and framing throughout - Longevity and Low Maintenance - Suitable for all animal housing.
  • Kennel Lining - Superior Exterior Grade Ply for added Insulation and Chew Prevention
  • Kennel Insulation - For Extra Warmth In The Winter & To Keep Cool In High Summer
  • Metal Fixings - Zinc Plated or Galvanised
  • Pressure treated T&G floors with damp proof course - For Longevity & Extra Protection In Damp Conditions
  • Professional quality roofing materials - Marley High Grade, Anti Tear Roofing, Longevity
  • Galvanised Anti Chew Kits to Vulnerable Areas - Popholes, Box Edges and Floor Edges
  • PVC Weather Strips to Popholes - Extra Weather Protection
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Run Sections - Galvanised Inside & Out, Longevity
  • All our dog run sections are built using solid bar or heavy duty mesh, with extra strong 2mm 25mm x 25mm box framing, cross bar strengthening and locking facility. No hidden extras.
  • 12 Year Guarantee

Since Reeves first launched our dog kennel and run systems over 20 years ago, we have been exceptionally active in developing new and innovative products which have evolved to produce outstanding quality animal housing and an excellent reputation. Our commitment to product development and customer service ensures that the quality, flexibility and overall performance of our kennel and run systems are unparalleled.

We have developed a large range of modular dog kennels for both domestic and professional use and we believe our premium range of kennels, runs and associated products offer exceptional value for money.

All products are constructed in our purpose built manufacturing facility in Buckinghamshire by Reeves’ professional craftsmen.  Reeves products are built to last and we guarantee our kennel and run systems for 12 years against rot and corrosion. We are a 100% service orientated company.  From enquiry to installation we will ensure that any query you may have is dealt with promptly and proficiently.

Our professional advisors are extremely knowledgeable, they are fully trained in all aspects of animal housing, planning and drawing. If you are struggling to find a solution to your animal housing requirements we are happy to assist with ideas for your project - whatever the size.  With design and planning being one of our key attributes, we offer a professional AutoCAD design service for larger developments such as boarding kennels and catteries that require planning permission. Delivery and installations are carried out nationwide using our own fully trained technicians.

If you would like to purchase from a professional company, with guaranteed quality consistency and the customers interests at heart, then Reeves is the answer.

We provide a wide range of dog kennel and dog run products to:

labPrivate Dog Owners, Dog Breeders & Trainers, Boarding Kennels and Catteries, Gundog Owners, Private Country Estates, Gamekeepers, The Forestry Commission, Animal Husbandry Colleges & Universities, British Airways, RSPCA Headquarters & Regional Offices, Ministry of Defence, The Police Force, HM Prison Service, Wildlife Parks, Crown Protection Services, Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust.

Reeves entire range of dog kennels and galvanised dog runs are designed with total flexibility in mind. Giving you the ability to decide the size that would meet your particular needs, offering a tailor made solution at 'off the shelf' prices.

If you require a different configuration of dog kennel and run please contact us and we will be happy to assist with design and planning.

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm for all your animal housing needs - Please feel free to view our display kennels at any time.

Galvanised Steel Run Sections, Kennels and Runs, Boarding Kennels and Catteries, Dog Carriers and Puppy Pens, Kennel Accessories and Heating. Garden studios and garden workshops.

Horse Stables & Timber Field Shelters - In addition to dog kennels and dog runs, we also manufacture equine products including timber field shelters for horses, equestrian buildings, equine arena graders, hay racks and stable grilles, please telephone 0845 160 1888 for further information.